100% Carb Free

Pork rinds have been around for a long time and are an American born product. Our product is founded on this American Spirit and guaranteed to be a hit with everyone!

  • Pork Rinds Have ZERO Carbs! That's right! 100% Carb free!
  • Freshness! Our product is shipped as "pellets" and you cook it yourself so they are guanteed to be fresh
  • A Quick Snack! Just pop some in the microwave and go
  • Better Than Chips! No salt, no grease and they taste great with salsa, dip, and anything else

- Submerge a small amount of pellets in 350° - 400° oil
- Cook for 50-60 seconds
- Remove from oil and let cool
- Eat up!

- Place a small amount of pellets on microwave safe plate
- Microwave on high 50-60 seconds or until fully expanded
-Remove, let cool and eat!

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Willies Pork Rinds is a family owned and operated business.